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Security in Luminy | UEEH

Security in Luminy

Les calanques
Les calanques
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Luminy is located on a protected area, at the base of the Mont Puget, an hour walk from a wild and protected beach, the Calanques, which goes up the Ciotat through Cassis. It is a place for walking and swimming, and is also a well-known place for climbers.

Within a few months, this site will be officially included in the National Park of the Calanques, which will be the first suburban French (and European) national park and the third in the world after Cape Town and Sydney.

This space has a fragile balance, and is already within the scope of various regulations, we are reminding you here.

Fire risks

It is forbidden to light fires, to camp, anywhere. For the record, August 21, 1990, a fire devastated 2,900 hectares of forest between Luminy and Cassis, and in July 2009, more than 1,300 hectares have gone up in smoke before our eyes. We even feared to be evacuated as the fire had approached the university campus.

Be careful, a tiny ember of butt can cause a fire. You may absolutely not smoke when you drive through the small pine forest that surround the buildings or if , for example, you walk into the creeks.

The CROUS buildings are “non-smoking” (including bedrooms), It is however allowed to smoke outside the buildings and crushed your own cigarettes in the ashtrays provided for this purpose.

From June 1 to September 30 in the Bouches-du-Rhone, access to the forests is regulated by the decree 2008127-1 of May 6, 2008 for the safety of people and the preservation of sensitive sites.

Depending on weather conditions, the level of “forest fire” danger (Orange – Red – Black) is determined each day by forest, not later than 6:00 pm for the following day. Thus, access to the calanques can be made temporarily restricted or prohibited.

TO KNOW THE RISK OF FIRE : 0811 20 13 13

The calanques

The Calanque de Sugiton is accessible by foot, at about an hour walk. It goes down, and it is therefore a little difficult to return.

Besides Sugiton, you can access the infamous “Calanque of the fallen stones ” (also called nudist beach). This beach has been banned by the municipality since 2006, following the death of a person buried by the collapse of a large volume of rock. The wall overlooking the slab is still very unstable. Several accidents have occurred there since. Furthermore, this cove is difficult to access, and in case of need, it is important to take into account that help will take time before arriving.

By windy day, be careful: ask before you go walking in the calanques and opt for ways near the coast not to make you circle in flames in case of a fire.

In general, read the signs: they are there to inform you and protect you. Take instructions into account, especially regarding the risk of landslide, do not cross the limits indicated, because it’s dangerous, but also because the scree is the fragile habitat of a protected plant (Gouffé grass) .

Equip yourself properly: even though the first access seems quite easy, this is still a wild and mountainous site. So expect the right hardware: walking shoes, water, snack, hat, map of the massive …

Respect for “nature”

Luminy is a wildlife site which hosts all sorts of species. One may cross, particularly at night, wild boars (this is rare but it happens). They are relatively harmless, the best being to walk around them at a safe distance.

Generally, flowers, animals, minerals and fossils belong to the Calanques’ landscape and contribute to their uniqueness as well as their ecosystem. The pick or trample them threatens this fragile equilibrium.

Remember to keep your trash: do not throw your picnic leftovers, tissues, wrappers, cigarette butts, bring them with you until the disposal bins in the parking areas.

Night in the campus

Remember to bring a flashlight to get around campus at night, it is relatively poorly enlightened. The “shortcuts” are dark, for example.