UEEH (Homosexualities Summer Euromediterannean Universities) is an event which promotes knowledges exchanges, sharing and transmissions in a self managed space of life. It’s dedicated to LGBTQI community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queer and Intesex people). Its major aim is to make popular education available for these communities.

Every year, in july, hundreds of people from different backgrounds gather at the UEEH to think together, learn and teach ways to struggle discriminations, to create and compare their political ideas during an intense and substantial week at the Luminy campus in Marseille.

In french, genders are marked in the grammar, and the grammar rules want that masculine words are stronger than feminine ones in the plurals. This way even if there is only one man in a women composed assembly, we will use masculine pronouns to talk about it. At the UEEH we made the choice, for once, to invert the rules and to feminize all plurals. Therefore, please be sure there aren’t any grammactical errors in the website, it’s only the result of a non-gender consideration of the french grammar.

Welcome here and enjoy your visit, we would be pleased to see you (again ?) next summer !

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