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Universités d’Été Euroméditerranéennes des Homosexualités / Rencontres LGBTQI+ et féministes

2017 Place

Dear participants!

Since 1979 the UEEH took place at the CROUS (student residency) of Luminy, in Marseille. Last year we changed place, we were at Gardanne, in an agricultural high school between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. Many of us liked this new place, but unfortunately we can’t go there again this year as there will be construction works during the summer.

So we’ll be at Vic-en-Bigorre (agricultural high school Jean Monnet) for the 2017 UEEH, from the 20th of July to the 2nd of August!

This new place is in a different region and far away from big cities, so for many of us it’s less convenient to access than Marseille or even Gardanne. That’s why a transportation team was create this year. (See the Getting there 2017 page.)

So sure, there are issue, but actually there was no alternative and moreover: once we’ve reached the place: it’s BEAUTIFUL! We have nice place just for us, large spaces with grass and tree, a nice view on the Pyrénées mountains, a small river on the high school premises, a collective kitchen, a main room with internet access, several rooms for workshops, rooms on two floors, everything accessible to everybody!

We know many of you liked Luminy, bathing in the calanques, hiking in the forest, being able to go to Marseille easily, and our historical links to the site. But there are many reasons for us changing place, you can find them at the end of this page.

Accessibility to people experiencing disabilities

In this new place, all collective spaces, both inside and outside the building (except the river banks) is adapted to people in wheelchairs. Two rooms (with bathroom) are adapted. We invite every interested person to contact us at comac(at)ueeh.net in order to organize together everything to need to be properly welcomed.


The dorms building has 40 rooms. Only 10 of them will be single rooms. Due to the fatigue caused by organising the event, an as we are many in the organisation team this year, some of these rooms will be reserved to commissioners (org team members) who ask for one, and who will be able to have one for a few days in turn. The remaing single rooms will be managed during the event, with the same principle of sharing: nobody will have a single room for the whole event. We know single rooms are important for many, unfortunately we just don’t have enough of them.

The rooms cannot be locked as the high school doesn’t have enough keys. There is no lock on the inside, so it’s not possible to lock the door from the inside.

Bathrooms are also share: there are two blocks of showers and two blocks of toilets on each floor, one on each side of the corridor. There are 10 showers per block, each with a door that can be locked.

We are aware that this change in accommodation can be a problem for some of us as it’s related to questions of privacy and intimacy. The needs of the group had to take precedence over individual needs, let’s make the most out of the situation and be more creative than ever to create various spaces that meet our wants and needs (for example the Temporary Intimacy Zones (ZIT)) by using all the spaces available to us!

The organisation crew will do everything we can to meet everyone’s essential needs, but we also rely on everybody to be able to adapt to our new shared space: the UEEH spirit also means inventing or reinventing other ways of living together, based on sharing and paying attention to others and oneself.

Misc remarks

We are not allowed to camp on high school premises.

Trucks can be parked inside the place, but unfortunately there are no trees. We’re allowed to create some shadowy spaces with sheets for example, as long as we don’t damage anything.

Please note that the place is not suitable for dogs!

Last thing: a member of the high school staff will be living on the premises, so we’ll need to avoid parties with too loud music. This can be a good occasion to offer a larger variety of parties: games, movies, cabaret, performances...

In case of an emergency you can reach us on the UEEH phone between 9am and midnigh, from the 20th of July ot the 2nd of August. The phone number will be published in July.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!

If you have a general question, feel free to write to contact(at)ueeh.net.
If it’s about your registration, use registration(at)ueeh.net instead.
For a workshop, please write to educpop(at)ueeh.net

Bonus : why did we move from Luminy?
Luminy, oh Luminy...! Sure there were bright sides, but as you probably know, since we lost access to the ESBAM (School of Fine Arts, where the workshop took place) the "bubble" effet, so important for the UEEH, was no longer there.

For those who’ve never been: since 2012 we only have access to a dorms building, with single rooms, and very small collective kitchens on each floor. The lack of room forced us to rent rooms accessible to people experiencing disabilities on the ground floor and use them as collective rooms, such as for the health space. As this was not enough, we also had to create spaces out side, delimited by fabric, among the tree, with the noise of cigales (insects from the south of France), the mistral (wind), etc.

Also, we didn’t have a closed space just for ourselves. Many people came and went on the place, as it was on the way to go to the Calanques. Some students staid during the summer, groups of children passed... this contributed to some uncomfortable and problematic situations during the last few editions.

We used to have material support from the city, but over the years it kept decreasing: in 2015 we didn’t even have tables or chairs! Moreover, our relationship with the CROUS became more and more tense, so we had to use complex strategies just to get access to basic things like the keys of the rooms!

Many went crazy trying to cook pasta for 40 people on the small electric stove in the CROUS kitchens. How to put together workshops, intimate discussions, exhibits, performances, when Internet is not working, when we need to build spaces outside with fabric, in the middle of kids and wild boars? Who to party when we have to hide behind a building with no electricity?

It was time for a change! Freedom and unicorns!