Workshops 2017

For the programming of workshops, movies’screenings, talks, evenings,… we are using selforganization too ! This means a pre-program done before the edition, then it will enrich itself during the edition following ideas and things which are developping there. The programmation will transform a lot between now and UEEH’s ending… and in order to create it interesting, we need everybody !

If you are beginner or confirmed in exchanging and sharing projects, tools, and you wish to propose a workshop or other thing before the 18th of july, we can accompany you if you feel the need.

We propose to have meetings on skype (and other web platform) where we will doing permanences before the 18th of july to explain available tools for the good program’s development, from human support to a needed infrastructure ! We can accompany you to elaborate a workshop or other project during UEEH itselves. However, if you dont have time until july, no worries : there will be various small trainings in Vic to talk about « how to do » according to the contents that we wish to share and/or we will create duos or trios with one or two « godmothers » for beginners.

This year, new project for the programming : convivial regular moments dedicated to testimonies linked to groups’ or individuals’ process… to learn about ways from each one, depending of their life’s context. We will use interviews-questionnary’s forms that we will enrich as time goes by.

If you have any question, doubts, demand, don’t hesitate to contact us at

The workshop sheet to be completed:

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