Newsletter may 2018

You might have noticed, but the march newsletter has never reached you.
We couldn’t make it on time, so we give you a short version of it with
the May newsletter (which is also late, sorry).

Online registration is not open yet for 2018.
It will probably open around mid-June, thanks for being patient. The
opening of registration will be announced in the next newsletter.

The KFC (kitchen fabulous crew) is recruiting ! If you want to join the
cooking team ahead of this year’s edition, this is the time. You can
contact them through this adress :

It is impossible to go to Vic en Bigorre again this year due to planned
works. In a very short time, we had to come up with a new location. The
UEEH are going to happen this year in NERAC !

How is this place:
It’s a highschool, between Bordeaux and Toulouse.
There are around 250 beds, mostly 4 beds per room but some rooms with
only 2 beds (with showers and toilets in the room).
The other toilets-showers are collective (like in Vic).
Everything is accessible in wheelchair, also there are accessible bedrooms.
They’s a room where we could party (not too close to the bedrooms,
there’s a bar already installed).
A big room with 250 seats. An outside park (6 hectars).
Sportive installations (basket, tennis, beachvolley).
A parking inside where it’s ok to park trucks, some places in the shadow
but not so many.
We must check if it’s ok to camp. If not, the first camping is at 5.4 km
: "Domaine de Lislebonne", 10 euros per night
The first supermarket is at 3 km.
The center of Nérac is at 2.6 km from the high school (30 mn by foot).

A new place also means a lot of work, because there will be many things
to organize again... for example transportation!

This year, we’re putting together a working group about transportation
and logistics of welcoming people. The issues this year are:
- Nérac is not very accessible by public transports: no
train/national bus station in Nérac (the nearest is in Agen, 27km away),
infrequent bus from Agen to Nérac, no bus from Nérac city center to the
high school during the summer.
- Nérac is pretty far from the nearest international airports
(Bordeaux and Toulouse, about 1,5h by car). This year, if everything
goes well, we’re expecting about a 100 people coming from abroad. Some
of them have already travelled 12 to 24h at the time they arrive in the
airport, and some flights arrive very late or leave very early. We’re
looking for nice places (ideally with a welcoming crew) in Bordeaux and
Toulouse where people who need it could rest, possibly spend the night
if needed, before continuing their trip to Nérac.
If you know suitable places in Bordeaux or Toulouse, or live there and
want to help welcome people, or you know Lot-et-Garonne transport
options very well, or have a large vehicle or love to drive, or simply
have energy to contribute:

As usual, we need financial support in order to support the
international dimension of the UEEH! It’s over here:

This year’s UEEH will be from the 19th of July to the 1st of August, 2018.

2018 THEME
Usually, each year at the UEEH has a different theme (except last year).
We didn’t pick a theme for now because we really need more people and
energies in the Educ Pop commission (coordination for the programme). If
you’d like to contribute, write to!

We’re always looking for more wonderful people to translate, either
orally during week-ends, or in writing all along the year: french,
english, castillano, arabic, german... if you want to enrich the UEEH
with your languages, please contact

NEXT (oops… current!) WEEK-END
- next week-end in Grenoble from the 25th to the 28th of May
- we go on for those who want on the 29th (tuesday) to work around white
supremacy issues in UEEH
- (then perhaps a 6th week-end, to be determined if needed)
- welcoming cocktail/tapas on the evening of the 24 at BAF (2 chemin des
Alpins, Grenoble) starting at 7pm.

Everybody’s welcome during the week-ends, to participate or support us,
cook or translate. If you want to participate or help during one of the
next week-ends, contact us as!

The 2018 team.

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