Workshops 2018

For the programming of workshops, movies’ screenings, talks, evenings,… we are using selforganization too ! This means a pre-program done before the edition, then it will enrich itself during the edition following ideas and things which are developping there. The programmation will transform a lot between now and UEEH’s ending… and in order to make it interesting, we need everybody !

What workshops taking place depend on you! The UEEH has some equipment available (2 projectors, a freeshop, stationary, ...), but for simplicity, tell us what you need and we’ll see if we’ve got it s or if we can get it! If you have stuff that you want to put for collective use, bring it along!

If you want to organise / facilitate a workshop, let us know at: programmation.ueem(at) or, we’ll organise around your needs.

If you have desires but you don’t feel like initiating something on your own, write to this address too, we will see what we can do together!

The workshop sheet to be completed:

PDF - 29.9 kb

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