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Eating and sleeping 2018


Every lunch/dinner will be cooked in the highschool (breakfast, lunch, dinner) thanks to the big professional kitchen we can use. Because it’s a specific material and organisation, there will be a kitchen coordination crew (with people who will participate to the ueeh) and everybody is highly welcome to join, make menu proposition, taking care of the organisation of cooking a meal, or just help cutting things.. You can contact the kitchen fabulous crew at kfc@ueeh.net.

Food is on donation during the UEEH, and indication of the average cost will be given, but you just pay what you want and can. See our page about rates for an indication of the actual cost.

The collective food will be vegan (nothing coming from animal exploitation) with alternative possibilities for intolerances and allergies. For menus which would not be part of this diet, we can organize in different ways and check this together during the edition.


Its not be allowed to camp on the highschool site.

Trucks can be parked at the entry of highschool. Don’t hesitate to come with whatever you need to create your comfortable shady space, because shadow is rare, unfortunately, the truck zone will be less comfy than last year...

If you make a reservation for a room, don’t forget that the high school rent us only 50 sheets. For pillows and blanket, we have nothing. So if you can take some for you (and the others if possible) it’s awesome!!


Almost all rooms will be collective (2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 beds). There are 12 single rooms this year, and 5 more rotating signle rooms with an organisation decided in the beginning of the edition. During the edition, it will possible to decide chosen mixities for each room and organize if you want to be with friends, or in a quiet room, or noisy/party, ...

Rooms are not locked. Don’t forget to bring a lock if you want your stuff safe.


A few rooms will have their own shower and toilets. For the other it will be collective blocks, but each shower can be locked for intimacy.

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