Universités d’Été Euroméditerranéennes des Homosexualités / Rencontres LesBiGayTransQueerIntersexe

Universités d’Été Euroméditerranéennes des Homosexualités / Rencontres LGBTQI+ et féministes


The first summer school was held in the summer of 1979 under the name Homosexual Summer School (UEH), at the initiative of the Homosexual Liberation Group (GLH) from Marseille with the support of Mayor Gaston Defferre.

It gathered 400 activists, and at this occasion was created the Emergency Committee Against Homosexual Repression (CUARH). The GLH Marseille will host three sessions of UEH in 1979, 1981 and 1983.

In 1999, after a long break due to the slaughter of the AIDS pandemic, the initiative was relaunched under the new name of Euro-Mediterranean Summer University of Homosexualities by a collective founded in association.

In 2003 the week was shortened to a weekend to organize assizes and define new foundations, laiding more on self-management and feminism. There will be added a subtitle to the UEEH, Lesbigaytransqueers meetings, explaining the mix of non-participants.

Since then, the UEEH take care to work in collective organization, with sharing knowledge, setting the horizontal and non hierarchical organization of knowledge and power at the center of the project.