Means of action

The main resource of the UEEH is the “human” investment : the voluntary work of its participants. Otherwise, they could not take place, either during the event or throughout the year.

It is important to take into account that the investment of everyone is really what makes the wealth of the UEEH. And this involvement should come from a personal initiative. For this reason no one is paid, neither the speakers of the conference, nor the artists or people with projects, to make everyone equal and not to rank the knowledge. This concept is very important in the the policy of the UEEH.

To this, we may add the graceful provision of the ESBAM and of equipment (which may include one or more vehicles) by the City of Marseille, which allows to benefit of this exceptional place suitable for what we want to do.
The UEEH are funded by institutional partners, sometimes private partnerships, and by the registrations of participants, specifically their donations. Over the past several years due to limitations on grants, alternative solutions have been developed, such as organizing parties to support the association, which can in addition to making small financial benefits, provide some promotion of the UEEH in different environments.
In addition, new partners are regularly sought to ensure a balanced budget and a healthy cash flow.

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