Associations and collectives

Associations have always been part of the supports necessary for carrying out the UEEH over time.

On one hand, they support our projects each year through graciously providing their premises for the holding of meetings of the board of administration. Thus Aides Marseille, Aides Lille, Aides Toulouse, Act-Up Paris, the Paris LGBT Center, the center LGBTQIF J’en suis J’y reste of Lille and Paris CIP have hosted board meetings and ensure that their premises are accessible to disabled people.

On the other hand, they are involved into the event, by providing prevention materials, organizing workshops on their specialized topics and taking an active part into the smooth running of the event by taking part as participants in the community life and participatory management of theevent. Aides, Keep Smiling and Act-Up participate each year in developing the health project before and during the UEEH. Les Flamands Roses animate regular workshops on the memory of the deportation of homosexuals, in conjunction with the Memorial of the Homosexual Deportation and participate to the self-financing of the association in organizing parties to support the UEEH.

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