Installation and uninstallation

The first three days are devoted to the installation of the site by the participants. We use our own equipment, which is stored throughout the year in a rental box, but also the equipment the mayor of Marseille graciously lends to us for the fortnight: kitchen equipment (dishes, coffee maker, electric kettle, hygiene equipment, commodities to start solidarity kitchens), clean rooms and installation of workshops rooms (tables, chairs), installation of the work room (computers, printers, etc..), ESBAM decoration, billboards, …
This period is a time to meet with other participants, it is also a good way to integrate and to endorse the UEEH, to understand by direct immersion the ins and outs of such an event.

The period of uninstallation over the last three days, is “technically” the period of storage, but it is also important “humanely” because it is an opportunity to “debrief” with others in an atmosphere a little less effervescent, more conducive to introspection and step back about the past week

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