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Practical tasks


Multiple “practical” tasks should be borne by the participants for the event to be working properly. Clear billboards are set up so that everyone can register up to their desires and means for the work to be distributed among the participants.
In addition to their vital contribution in terms of organizing an event of this size, these works turn out to be a great tool for meetings and informal discussions about actions carried out together.

Some tasks …

Update of information and program : it is firstly to ensure that the program content of the week is displayed in a clear and visible way and regularly updated, for example by modifying or adding workshops or parties, their times and / or place. And secondly to ensure that all information is disseminated, via displays and / or paper documents for example to announce the symposium and spread its contents.
Cleaning: be it in CROUS buildings where participants are housed or in ESBAM where the event is held, the premises are regularly cleaned to maintain a state of hygiene tolerable by the largest number of participants.
The barrier : the ESBAM which host us, is guarded day and night by security guards. They make regular rounds on the site of the ESBAM and the School of Architecture nearby. During their rounds, access to school is impossible if no one is there to open the gate. Barriers turns are needed to avoid the risk of temporary closures of access to the site every hour.
Registrations and unregistrations : Registrations and unregistrations of all participants require a few people the first and lats days to deal with massive arrivals and departures.

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