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Initiatives and International Co-operation

Actions and thoughts on how to fight for our rights are cross-borders. The main axis of the UEEH Summer University is all about sharing, discussing our strategies, our representations and confronting our practices.

Since 1999, the UEEH tend to developing and strengthening international partnership. Various contacts are made every year with activist groups and associations around Europe and in the rest of the world in order to encourage the exchange of know-how and theories as well as ways of fighting against discrimination. A sub-committee is in charge of International Relations and a part of the budget is specifically dedicated to travel expenses and visa requests for international participants.

The international framework of the UEEH Summer University enables the implementation of workshops, movie festivals, debates and the opening or strengthening of social networks, interactions, etc.

Spoken languages

Various languages are spoken at the Summer University, even if the event is mainly French. Panels are generally written in three languages (French, English and Spanish), but also documents and information media (newsletter, charter, vade-mecum, website, registration form, etc.) with a particular focus on live translation during debates and general assemblies, workshops and conferences.

Any participant with translation capabilities are more than welcome to raise their hands in order to make the Summer University accessible to as many individuals as possible.

Direct translation is generally the easiest way of getting people together at debates and general assemblies. At the Conference Day, Interpretation facilities are generally available.

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