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Resources and space usages

During the event, one can find at Vic-en-Bigorre :

The English translation of this part is not available yet, but we’re working on it. If you want to help, please write to translation(at)ueeh.net!

According to the motivation of the participants, almost every year are rolled over different areas:

- non-mixt spaces (nudists, “dykes” …)
- the calinodrome, a particular relaxation space. On an original idea of ​​the Flamands Roses (pink flamingos) from Lille, it allows one to be massaged and cuddled without normative barriers. A charter at the entrance states that the place is NO SEX and that it prefers a sensuality in which gender equality and the various standards body would be confused. Neither pictures nor films in this place!

Many rest areas are also created to take breaks, naps, games, meetings, etc …

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