How to register

Warning: This page has not yet been update since 2017, there might be small changes in 2018.

To register


Registrations are open in the spring. They are made through on website. If you want to rent a room, you can be sure of its reservation by paying your payment in full or spread over several months (up to five monthly maximum) before the month of december. Your registration (and your reservation if you have made one) is taken into account upon receipt of your payment, except if you pay on site, by cash.


Although we recommend that you register in advance here, it is possible to register on the day of your arrival. However, we cannot give you an absolute guarantee to have a free bed, since you will not have it booked in advance. You can also pay by check (up to five monthly payments) or cash (at once).

Modalities of access to the rooms

  • The day of your arrival, you will be asked for a deposit of 50 euros not collected (preferably by check but cash is also possible) to cover the cost of lost keys and / or failure of household in your room.
  • The day of your departure, you will be asked to clean your room (or the part of the room you occupied if in collective chamber) and bring the sheets, blankets and bolsters down in the lobby of the building in which you have been accommodated. Your deposit will be delivered personally, mailed back or destroyed at your request once the inventory of your room made and validated.

Your attention is drawn on the PRM rooms. They are intended for disabled people. If you’re able-bodied, please take a classic room.

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