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Self-determination and the penniless rate

Financial Self-determination

The principle of self-determination of tariffs set up to the UEEH seeks to enable everyone to determine what they can and want to pay according to their financial resources. The three proposed fee scales correspond to a search for a balanced budget, taking into account the diversity of economic situations in a society that does not allow equal access to resources for all.

The term self-determination has been chosen to emphasize the inalienable freedom of everyone to choose their tariff without having to justify it.

The same principle is at work in the collective kitchens, where everyone is free to define their participation to the cost of the meals.

The desire to promote this operation is a political choice of the UEEH: the choice not to reproduce or exacerbate inequality and social and economic injustices, nor to exclude anyone on a financial basis. This choice is also based on understanding and adherence of participants to the principles of social and economic justice, and their honesty and responsibility in their decision making of the tariff they will choose.

The “penniless” rate

The penniless rate is based on a principle of solidarity and economic justice. Participants who do not have the resources to pay the full or reduced price may choose this rate. Insofar as the UEEH do not realize any benefit under the renting of the accommodations. It is the donations and other support and solidarity actions that funds this choice of financial solidarity.

This operation has a significant cost to the association. It is based on an understanding of the logic of exclusion at work in today’s society and a desire not to repeat it. It also relies on an understanding of these principles and the responsibility of everyone in choosing the rate that they will choose.

The UEEH limited budget does not allow to handle all requests of penniless rates without jeopardizing the event. The board is seeking solutions to this issue and is open to all proposals for actions of solidarity in favor of financing this policy mix of social and economic development.

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