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- The nearest city is Tarbes (not Toulouse)!
- For a description of the place see here.
- All public transports are accessible to people with functional diversities, but you might need to contact the company 48h before.


The place:
Lycée agricole et forestier Jean Monnet
11 Bis Avenue des Acacias
65500 Vic-en-Bigorre

(see detailled map at the bottom of the page)

If you’re coming by public tranports or car sharing, try to get to Tarbes (the nearest big city, 30 min away) or if you can’t, Toulouse (around 2h away by car, 4-5h with public transports). If you’re comming by car, we’ll let you check with you GPS, mappy and the map at the bottom of the page.

By Plane

The nearest airport is Tarbes (Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées, LDE), but depending on where you’re coming from, you might find more or cheaper flights to Toulouse (Toulouse-Blagnac, TLS). When comparing the two, don’t forgot that Toulouse is further away.

From Toulouse to Tarbes

From the airport: For the train or bus station you can either take the [airport shuttle navette directe to stop "Gare Matabiau" or "Marengo SNCF" (that’s the same), or take the trom to "Palais de Justice" then the metro right next to it (with the same ticke) going to "Borderouge" then stop at "Jean Jaurès" to take metro line A going to "Balma Gramont" and go out at the next stop "Marengo SCNF" (that’s the station). The first option is around 30-45 min and 8€, the second is around 45-60 min for 1.60€. For more details, see:

By train: or timetable, around 2h, from 11€ to 27€, relatively many trains all day. If you’re coming from elwhere than Toulouse, you should try to find a train ticket to Tarbes instead.

By bus: There aren’t so many buses: 3-4 each day with Ouibus ( Around 2h and 9 to 18 €. If you’re coming by bus from elsewhere, you should try finding a bus to Tarbes direclty (not all buses stop in Toulouse) Warning: in Tarbes the Ouibus stop is not in the city center! See below "from the Ouibus stop". (Note: if you use a bus comparator, be aware that Alsa and results between Toulouse and Tarbes are fake: these are actually Ouibus.)

From Tarbes to Vic

From the ariport: the is a shuttle to the city centre, 30 min, 2€. Warning: the timetable is limited (7am to 6pm roughly): here’s a
simplified and a complete timetable (the airport is at Juillan on the complete one). Get out at the "Gare SNCF" (train station) stop, not "gare routière" (bus station), even for buses.

From the Ouibus stop: you need to take city bus line number 1 (25 min, 1€) going to "Route de Bordeaux" and stop at "Clarac".

By bus: there are two lines:
- "Maligne Val d’Adour" (timetable), 30 min, 2€. The correct stop is Halle, not "collège et lycée" (which is another high school).
- Line 940 (timetable), 20 min, 4,60€.

Warning: there aren’t so many buses during the day (especially on Sundays) and they stop early in the evening.

- In Tarbes, both lines stop near the train station ("gare SNCF") - if you’re coming with a Ouibus, you have to take a city bus first (see above).
- In Vic, you need to stop at "Halle" (except if you’re on a 940 that stops a "Lycée agricole", but not all of them do), then finish by foot (10 min, see map below).

Car sharing : If you know someone with a car in Vic, get in touch with them. Otherwise, you can ring the UEEH phone (see number at the top of the phone) and we’ll try to find someone tto come and get you when there are no buses (aroung 25 mins from the train station, 30 min from the airport).

In Vic

The high school is 10 minutes by foot from the town centre. On the map, the red star is the bus stop, the green arrow is our entrance in the high school.

It is possible to park your car inside the high school only if you’re sleeping in it, otherwise there is a parking lot outside in front of the high school.

If you’re coming with a truck it’s possible to park it inside the high school in a designated area, but you need to now there is are no trees so no shadow in that area. We’re allowed to create some shadow as we can as long as we don’t damage anything.

Warning! We only have a limited number of badges to open the entrance for cars, so we might not be able to open it for you at any time. If you arrive out of opening hours, please park in front of the high school and enter by foot.

in case of any emergency you can phone us on the UEEH phone between 9am and midnight, from the 26th of July to the 6nd of August, see top of the page for the number.

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