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Open Call 2015

Hello dear friends* and interested people
This is a call from the organizers* of the 2015 UEEH (Universités d’Eté Euroméditerranéennes des Homosexualitées – Homosexualities’ Euro-mediterranean Summer Universities). This feminist event is dedicated to Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Intersexes, Queers, Asexuals (LGBT*QI_A), Non-Binaries, Gender and Sexually Diverse people (GSD) and Feminists. It promotes transmission and sharing of experiences within a participative place of life and self-managed context

This is a first call to invite organizations, collectives and individuals to hold workshops, talks, organize projections, etc. for the 2015 edition. Our focus for this year is Community health.

This year the UEEH will have a different shape from previous ones. Indeed, since a few years we aim at reinforcing connections between all participants : organizations, collectives, individuals, organizing crew...

That is why we decided to hold this year’s edition in two parts :

First phase will last 5 days and will be dedicated to training future organizers for the UEEH 2016 and reinforcement of connections with organizations, and collaborative collectives. It will happen from 2015 July, Sunday 19th to Thursday 23rd and will gather between 80 and 100 people who are willing to participate to the UEEH project.The idea is to establish a team of organizers for the UEEH 2016 who will be trained together during these five days, particularly with workshops, organized with collaborative associations and collectives, in order to have a common work basis and to reinforce the connections between the different participants who attend the UEEH. This moment is being prepared. We will call upon you by the end of April with more precise requests for this specific training period.

After that, a period of three days will be accessible for everybody concerning communal health topics. It will take place from 2015 July, Friday 24th to Sunday 26th and will gather between 100 and 180 people.

We wish to develop the communal health topic during these three days that are accessible for everybody, through workshops, projections, discussions, performances, etc. Also, for next summer we decided to give special attention to the Trans* Health Project. Many trans* have specific health issues that are directly or indirectly related to their/our different transitioning/alteration processes. Moreover, it is more difficult for them/us to have access to health structures or information, because of the discriminations they/we may endure. Therefore, the Trans* Health Project aims to bring Trans* people’s specific health problems to the UEEH and to allow concerned people to be informed, to share information, and to take charge of their/our health.

This three-year project (from its creation in 2013 to the UEEH 2016’s edition) aims to develop all the tools to answer the specific demands of Trans* people in terms of health and well-being, and to ameliorate information access concerning the different problematics related to deviant/non-normative gender and sexual identity.

We have thought already about various thematics that we would like to approach :

Health thematic at the UEEH
- Presentation and organization of the health commission and the health place
- History of the health thematic at the UEEH: since when health is an important theme at the UEEH? How health thematics have been taken in count at the UEEH? Under what forms? How these concerns have evolved?…

The relations to medical institution
- Share of experiences and resources in relation to the medical institution
- Self-defense towards medical institution for trans’ people

Affective and emotionalsentimental relationships
- How to build affective and emotionalsentimental comforts?
- How to express our wishes, our needs, our limits?
- Passion/tact/jealousy

Violence in GSD / LGBT*QI_A communities
- How to talk about itthem? How to deal with itthem, without reproducing new violences?
- Sharing of tools and experiences to deal with violences in LGBT*QI_A / GSD communities

Sexual health and harm reduction
- Sharing of experiences about resources and practices
- Negotiation and consent

Psychoactive substances and harm reduction

Sex work

Mental health

Problematization of the notion of health
- Gender and care
- How to talk about communal health in a world where injunctions health appeals towards health are present at all time?

Surrogate mother*hood , medically assisted procreation, homoparenthoodality and trans*parenthood

HIV and politics

Therefore launch our first call for projects, workshops, discussions, projections, performances…! If you are interested in these topicsthematics about communal health, if you have any ideas about other themesmatics concerning communal health, if you want to conduct a workshop (in the forms you choose and for the participants public you wish to address choose), projections, discussions about these thematics… Please let us know before the end of April, so that we can start planning the schedule of these three days.

If you know groups or people who would be interested to suggest activities for this edition, don’t hesitate to share and/or translate this call! we need arab, spanish, … translation.

the contact email of the ueeh for people and organizations which would like to contact us: contact@ueeh.net

See you very soon,
UEEH 2015 Organization team

* and _ visibilize identities and space for identities between and outside the binary hetera/o norm

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