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Call for interpreters – 2016

Call for interpreters – Ueeh 2016

Hi everyone !

Here we go for a new edition of the UEEH! One more year when we will gather with our glitter, our fights, our angers or laughs, from July 17th to 31st, 2016, but this time in a new location, at the Lycee Agricole de Valabre (Valabre Agricultural High-School, near Marseille)! One more year of gathering LGBTQIA (and even more!) people, who seak different languages, whether verbal or signed.

This year, we keep improving our translation tools, so that the UEEH would be the most inclusive possible, whatever language/s we speak.

So WE NEED YOU! This is a call to everyone who feels like or is highly motivated to make some translation work during the edition.
The idea is to anticipate as much as possible the verbal and signed translation, to make the organization and the participation to the workshops the smoothiest possible, for those who attend as well as for the people who lead them!
This year, we work with some LSF (French Signed Language) interpreters and the BLA collective, which provides a technical and organizational support (bla.potager.org), in order to organize translation from many different languages at the same time! Wow!

Our idea is:
 to compile all the people available for doing some verbal or LSF translation during the UEEH
 to organize some short training sessions with the Bla collective. There should be 2 sessions of 3 hours each, one at the beginning and one in the middle of the edition. The aim here is to get used to the simultaneous-translation material, to exhange some translation tips and to get organized for the edition.
We will try to have a description of the workshops in advance, in order to help as much as possible the interpreters prepare the relevant vocabulary.

Participating in this interpreters’ team, opened to all good-willing members, can be a new way to meet people, to support our efforts in terms of accessibility and inclusivity, whatever language/s we speak, to practice languages and translation techniques, to find a place among others in the edition, to help the wonderful orgamization team, and to contribute to making the UEEH a really international event!
Sounds fun, right?

If you’re interested, please send us an email at traduction@ueeh.net, with subject ­« translation during the UEEH », and specifying:
from which language/s to which language/s can you translate and/or interpret (thanx for specifying your first language)?
when do you plan on coming?
Do you have specific needs or questions?

Thank you!
Have a good day.
The Translation Crew, for the Organization Team of the UEEH 2016