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june 2016 newsletter

Here we are!!! Registrations are open!!!

UEEH are only a few weeks away, and you can already register NOW on our website here.

As most of the rooms are not single ones, if you absolutely need to have a single room (if this is a condition for you to come), please send us an email at registration@ueeh.net

Meanwhile, you can also propose workshops if you wish, because yes it’s still time to do so, isn’t it exciting? Of course, you will always be able to propose workshops once there, but if you already know what you want to do, you can already fill the participation sheet (here), with the material, space and time you need, all these small details are precious for the organization team.

The International Committee’s crowd funding campaign is still on; we would be thrilled if we can exceed it by 1000 Euros so we can make people come from abroad who otherwise would not be able to pay for their trip.

The UEEH being a self-managed gathering, attending it also means taking part in the exciting adventure that is the daily-life organization: cooking, shopping, cleaning, animating parties, proposing workshops… We’ll have beautiful tables and shiny schedules to help us setting all this up!
And also this year, we have more specific needs for help in the following:
Interpretation (here)

Obviously, participating in these tasks doesn’t mean that you will be doing ONLY this during the edition, and you will not turn into THE cooker or THE listener or THE interpreter of the UEEH!!!
The idea is that motivated people could commit to these tasks, regarding their availabilities, to be able to coordinate, communicate knowledge, and share their passion. And it will allow these 3 activities to run smoothly, which are essential parts of the UEEH!
It’s also a nice way to participate in the UEEH and meet new people!

Meanwhile, we want to make small technical problems (Oh no the projector is not working! Oh no why is there no sound?) history, so we are calling to everyone with technical skills or knowledge in sound, lighting, IT, electronics, please let us know!

Generally speaking, the ever-wonderful organization team for 2016 will need help for the setting up, from July 18th to 20th! And this year we are particularly thrilled by settling into a fresh new location!
So you are more than welcome, if you are motivated, to help us setting the place up, the workshops, registrations, among other cool stuffs, regarding what you feel like and are up to! This setting-up is also an opportunity to meet each other, spend some quality time together, playing games… So feel free to join!

The Opening General Assembly will start at 11 am on the 21st and the workshops will stop for the Closing General Assembly on July 28th at 3 pm.

Now that you have all the information, we hope to see you very soon!


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