Registration fees for UEEH 2024

For some years now, the UEEH has had a pricing policy designed to adapt to the different situations of participants. Each participant can choose a fee, which is used to calculate the cost of registration for the duration of their stay. The idea is that people who have more give more, and people who have less give less, so that money doesn’t prevent participants from coming.

The registration fees help pay for the use of the premises, the rooms, the meals…

To get an idea of where you stand in your relationship to money, you can consult this anonymous questionnaire. To get an idea of how much your stay would cost, you can use the calculator at the bottom of the page. Please read the rest of this page carefully beforehand.

The different fees

Fixed partPer dayTotal edition (11 days)
Fee 1 – Reduced+ fee20 €10 €130 €
Fee 2 – Reduced fee35 €17,50 €227,50 €
Fee 3 – Median fee50 €25 €325 €
Fee 4 – Support fee65 €32,50 €422,50 €
Fee 5 – Support+ fee80 €40 €520 €
Fee 6 – Institutional fee100 €50 €650 €

These fees include accommodation, food, insurance, and the annual membership to the association.

Consumption at the bar is not included in the fee.

We advise you to stay for the whole edition if you have the possibility to do so, as it allows you to be more numerous for the installation and de-installation and to build a better collective dynamic.

But if it’s not possible, you can pay just for the days you attend. There will still be a fixed part to pay regardless of the length of your stay. Example: if you want to stay 6 days with rate 4, you will pay 65 + (32,50 x 6) = 260 €.

Choosing a fee

We invite you to choose a fee (from 1 to 5) corresponding to your financial situation. No justification will be required.

Fee 1 is the lowest fee that we have deemed reasonable to propose considering the financial situation of the association. It corresponds to 40% of the median fee.

The institutional fee (6) is a fee that is solely applied to participants who benefit from an assumption of costs by an institution (embassy, company, corporation, …).

Free registrations

The registration is free for:

Adjustments and discounts

Benefiting from a discount does not prevent you from giving more if you can afford it; registrations are the main source of income for the UEEH.

Traveling costs

The purpose of this envelope is to cover travelling costs to the UEEH.

It is reserved for people with a migration background living in a country in purope where they don’t have papers that allow them to work.

Why this envelope

The International Commission has been working for many years within institutions to facilitate the coming of participants from countries outside Europe, mostly through financial support and requests for specific grants.

Last years we received feedback saying that it was necessary to also facilitate the access to UEEH for undocumented people living in Europe. So this year we are proposing this envelope, which goes with the free registration fees.

How it works

There is 1 500 € in the envelope.

If you want your trip to be refunded, send an email to, we will give you more practical details.

Requests will be processed in order of arrival, and in case of need we will create a waiting list.

If you could organize yourself just at the last minute to come to the UEEH, keep anyway your transportation tickets and come to see us at the Registration Team. We can’t promise anything, but there may be still some money left in the envelope to reimburse you.

Fee calculator

Fixed part:

Daily fee:

Stay duration (days):

Stay cost:


Country-based adjustment:

Total fee: