The Charter

This charter is a minimum definition of the experience we are trying to build. Its goal is to allow every attendee to know on where s/he’s going to land ; thus we ask you to take the time to read it before registering. If you are registering for someone else, please ask this person to read it before.

The UEEH, Universités d’Été Euroméditerrannéennes des Homosexualités – Lesbigaytransqueer meeting, are a feminist experiment, of collective life in self-management.

This experiment is built on a shared will of collective organization. It works by consensus-based decision-making, by giving attention and respect to others.

The UEEH allows for the meeting of people of mixed social, cultural… origins. They then gather people with different activism experiences : We’re not trying to gather experienced activists, but to be open to every person which makes him/herself available to the experience we create. These Universities are a place for the confrontation of opinions, popular education, and self-education.

We try to create a space for us to understand that we all carry our own ignorance and prejudices, to question them. Such a situation implies a kind of humility regarding our own knowledge, as well as a certain level of confidence to the UEEH themselves.

The UEEH are designed by and for people and/or communities which don’t fit into the usual binary genre categories, including people defining themselves as lesbians, gays, fags, bisexuals, trans’, queers, intersex, …. The UEEH aim at creating a collective expression of these communities, regardless of hierarchies and authorities. They value the expression of every person on its own identity, experience and gender. They accept and respect an intangible tenet of people’s self-determination.

In such a place, discriminations are systematically fought, collectively and individually, regardless of their nature or way of realization.

“The UEEH do not unite ; neither they do initiate anything. They coordinate, bring together and create a space of free exchange and creation through projects which are sent to us. We are a place where everyone can express his/her desire, share it ou simply take part by giving away what s/he wants to add, so that this week becomes a representation of our wealth, our potential. An open place where being together is built together !”