UEEH choices about money

LGBTQI communities are on average more precarious than the rest of the population. This precarity is related to the discrimination we experience as LGBTQI people, and it affects us differently based on our class affiliations, our validity, racism, and all the other discriminations we experience.

Within the organizing team most of the people are precarious themselves, and we try to lower as much as possible the registration fees for UEEH: all our word is volunteer, we keep our expenses to the minimum and we actively seek out money, through grants for example. Transparency documents are available if you want to know how the annual UEEH budget is managed.

On the long term, we would love to propose free-price UEEH, without economic pressure on the participants. Unfortunately, the current economic situation of the UEEH does not allow us to do this, even if we are trying to improve things little by little.

As it has always been the case in the UEEH, participants can choose registration fees according to their economic situation, with a minimum fee that corresponds (as last year) to 40% of the average recommended fee.

We prepared an anonymous questionnaire, which is intended to help each participant choose a fee based on several factors (but which does not indicate the fee to be chosen).

As last year, there will be reduced or even free rates for certain social categories that are particularly affected by poverty (see the « rates » document for details).

These reductions will be covered by the fact that we have planned to have more participants this year, but it is always necessary that the people who have money give some for the others too.

We know that for many people the minimum fee is still too high and that there is still a lot of work to do. We are trying to improve the situation little by little, year by year. If you want to help financing the affordability of the UEEH for the next editions, you can :