Health and prevention

The specificity of the UEEH helped making it a privileged place for the various LGBTQI health actors. Thanks to the willingness of participants, the UEEH can experiment with new approaches of prevention, information and risk reduction.

The continued presence of different LGBTQI health actors for ten days is an opportunity for them to work together while maintaining their different approaches. They work by taking into account the specificities of each audience to the UEEH.

In the interest of unconditional acceptance of all, we want to provide secure conditions at any point of view. Because of the diversity of participants the UEEH are required to have a policy of prevention and health varied and adapted.

The UEEH strive to make accessible as a self-service and in many places of the event, prevention materials and reduction of risks related to STIs or to the festive nature of the event (both internal and external condoms, lubricant, oral dams, sterilization of syringes kit, Stéribox, ear plugs …) and information leaflets on various topics related to health. The help of specific associations as Act up-Paris, AIDeS, Keep Smiling and Sida Info Service, allows a facilitated diffusion of various information support and prevention.

The UEEH should be placing health and prevention at the heart of the event. The number of people of all backgrounds who rub shoulders every summer implies special vigilance to the well-being of each and the themes of health and prevention are irremovable the pillars.