Welcome to the UEEH homepage, the Euromediterranean Universities of Homosexualities!

The site is in progress, some pages are not up to date yet.

UEEH 2018 will be from July 19 to August 1st in Nérac, a somewhat isolated village (how to come) in the South-West of France, in agricultural high school "Armand Fallières", a bit outside the village (place description).

During the event, you can reach us by phone on +33 7 58 03 02 15 (we might not read emails are often as usual, though).

The UEEH start with a few days of collective installation, followed by a period of workshops, and then finally a few days of collective uninstallation.

The UEEH are two weeks where we get to know each other in the South of France while taking part in workshops, discussions, collective life, parties!
We invite you alone or as a collective, to come and propose something, in the mixity that suits you!
Last year, for example, there’s been some time-sharing around a drink in trans-only mixity, there were many moments of body and sound exploration (dance, music etc.) and also film projections, discussions, experience-sharing...

UEEH means Euromediterranean summer universities of homosexualities which sounds serious because the term dates from the first edition in 1979, but it has moved on since then! For some years now, we have been talking of feminist and self-organized meetings for intersexual, lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, asexual and queer people. Self-organized? That means that everybody takes part in the topics of the event, its setting up and the practical management of the place.

We’re coming from many different places and countries! Since 2016 the [bla] collective has been joining us in this adventure: They provide the equipment and train the participants on simultaneous translation!
This allows to translate directly into several languages (Castilian, Arabic, English and French in 2016). There are also some LSF (French Sign Language) interpreters! The project is growing!

The UEEH is what we make out of it, so we’re waiting for you and your desires!

If you have questions and/or you want to register your workshop (or other project) in the program, please go to the workshops 2018 page. There you’ll also find last year’s program as well as the recent one, as soon as it will be finished.

Contact : contact@ueeh.net

It’s also possible to contact us via facebook!

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