Registrations 2024

Opening of the registrations

Registrations opened on Sunday, June 16, at 3 PM (Paris time, GMT+2).

Registrations for the 2024 edition are closed. If you did complete your registration, we will keep you updated by email.

Before then, we invite you to acknowledge:

Registration allocations

In 2024 we decided to apply the same registration policy than in 2023, and to keep the number of participants at 200.

For several years, due to logistical reasons and political choices, there are some places that are reserved in advance or reserved for certain categories of participants. Here’s what it will look like in 2024.

There are about 70 places that will be reserved in advance for people whose participation is necessary for the proper functioning of the event, as well as for people who because of visa requirements have to register in advance:

60 % (~80) of the remaining places are reserved to participants who experience:

The remaining 50 places are allocated without particular criteria.

For reasons of space we have decided to limit the number of vehicles in the school to a maximum of 15, with the possibility this year to allow 15 people to camp in tents on the high school site. We therefore have 170 beds rented at the school.