Accessibility and Disability

The English translation of this article is no longer up-to-date with respect to our new place, but we’re working on it. If you want to help, please write to translation(at)!

We are committed to a proactive policy that wants to make the event accessible to all participants. Physical disabilities of any kind (visual, auditory, motor, tired people, etc..) often prevent or discourage people interested in participating in the event when they have their place.
Many actions are implemented to improve the physical accessibility, communication before and at the Luminy site. We are working to reduce barriers to participation in the UEEH in terms of accessibility so that it can accommodate more LGBTQI participants with disabilities and allow tackling issues related to discriminations linked to disabilities.

At Luminy

The UEEH are trying their best to integrate people with disabilities in the event. “At best” means above all, that is a function of the buildings. The Handicap pole has also purchased a removable ramp in 2010, it can be made available as needed.
As for the deaf and / or dumb, we are not able to guarantee the presence of translators to sign langage, but we do not know all the resources of participants from one year to another. However, all forms of self-management are possible, it is possible to imagine and propose solutions during the event, if you want to create or suggest ideas, tools …


The Crous renovated buildings have PMR rooms (adapted and accessible to people with reduced mobility).

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